A small portion of our donations that went to the
Vineland Veterans' Home on December 6th. We
contributed 5 containers of body powder,117 hair
products, 54 dental products, 30 gift kits, 38 boxes
of Kleenex, 14 hand sanitizers, 8 shaving items, 14
hand creams, 83 chap sticks, 101 body
lotion/shower gel, 79 soap/deodorants, 17 shower
caps/grooming kits, 40 combs, nail care, 200
packages of false teeth powder, 15 packs of wet
wipes, 38 pairs of slippers, 25 miscellaneous items,
168 calendars, and 325 signed Christmas cards.
Shown above and below are some of our 'Adopt a
Family' gifts. Three vehicles were needed to transport all
the presents and food baskets that were contributed.
The December Tea Committee did a fabulous job!
A dozen members were on hand for caroling at Carneys Point Care on Monday, December 18.