Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 NJSFWC Garden District's Project Runway competition and
also the winner at NJSFWC Convention. The team will be travelling to St. Louis. MO in late June to attend
the GFWC National Convention.        

Above are Roxanna Hurst, Maureen Humphreys and Barbara Hunt who designed and assembled the outfit.

Shown below is the dress being modelled by Maureen Humphreys.
                                                             WHAT IS "PROJECT RUNWAY" ?

All NJSFWC clubs were asked to create an “outfit” (that is the Project Runway aspect) such as: dress, top and/or vest with
skirt/pants or jumpsuit made from those wonderful re-useable (NOT plastic) bags that we all get from our supermarkets,
specialty stores and the like. These cloth-like bags come in a variety of colors and sizes that can be made into any of the
clothing items mentioned above. The possibilities are only limited to you and/or your club’s imagination and creativity. The
composition of the garment to be made is from 80% re-useable cloth-like bag and 20% other material(s).
The garment should be adult size and a model available to wear the item. The garment does not need to be sewn: any way
you keep it together is acceptable but beware of wardrobe malfunction! You may accessorize but use accessories wisely.
The finished garment will be entered into the District Achievement Day contests. The winners will go on to the NJSFWC
Conservation Contest at the May Convention. The winner at our Convention will then go on to the GFWC Convention in
June 2018. What fun! And what a way to promote recycling in a new and creative way!